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Irlam Associates undertake an extensive vetting process before presenting candidates to our clients. We want to ensure that only the very best talent is presented for your consideration, saving you time, and ensuring your workforce is highly skilled in its field.

All eligible candidates must meet a set of uncompromising criteria before being put forward for a role, ensuring you only have the very best staffing options when it comes to making your decision.

Rigorous selection process

Whatever your industry, we aim to only deliver the most suited candidates from a wide pool of market-specific talent.

We perform a unique, rigorous selection process which gives us the edge over the competition, taking care of the admin and research side of hiring so you don’t have to.

Before the main vetting takes place, we perform a strict screening process whereby only acceptable candidates are brought through, reducing wasting time over training, and referencing at a later stage.

State-of-the-art technology

We use the most cutting-edge technology which makes for a more empirical and efficient process for everyone involved. Our bespoke CRM system and onboarding process, from the initial onboarding to pass submission, are just some of the tools we utilise to help us deliver a more streamlined vetting process.

Our CRM system is easily integrated within our clients’ different and unique ways of working; however you do business, we’ll fit in seamlessly in order to make the clearance process as smooth as possible.

Referencing & onboarding

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One of the most time-consuming yet essential stages of hiring is referencing. Here at Irlam Associates, we’ll review potential candidates’ references before processing them through the rest of the selection process.

We’ll also perform all the necessary onboarding checks, including employment history up to 10 years (depending on the role), DBS checks, character references, HMRC details if / when required, airside or landside pass checks and more.

On average, we have a four-weeks pass turnaround, and a 91% first-time pass application is successful.

Here at Irlam Associated, we can help you build a workforce that will future-proof your organisation.

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