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Business success comes down to one thing: an exceptional workforce of hard-working, passionate professionals. To stand out from your competitors, it’s essential that you invest in your people and their professional development. Here at Irlam Associates, we use tried-and-test talent acquisition solutions to attract and retain the best employees for your specific business needs.

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Tailored acquisition strategies 


We don’t just find great talent; we tailor our strategies to find you the perfect candidates that exactly suit your organisation’s needs. We source quality talent so you can select your staff from the very best in the market. Our reputation precedes us for effectively matching talent to both high profile and specialist roles, but it doesn’t stop there…

We're in it for the long haul


Besides sourcing extraordinary talent, we go the distance to help businesses grow. Like any asset, high quality staffing is an investment: you need diligence and careful consideration to get the most out of your workforce. Our expertise and attention to detail enables us to act as the intermediate between you and your candidates, giving you more time to focus on your core business.

Irlam's efficiency commitment


We understand that you want to fill a role with the perfect employee as efficiently as possible. Our mission is to ensure a fast turnaround of exceptional candidates, delivering on quality without ever compromising on your precious time. We achieve this by getting to know your business from the inside out, ensuring we can then bring you a curated pool of talent which will help with the development of your business.

In an increasingly saturated market, Irlam Associates will source you the talent you need for today, tomorrow and the future of your growth.

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